Friday, April 11, 2014

Mark Sonnenfeld, Marymark Press, East Windsor, New Jersey, USA

Thanks Mark.
Mark Sonnenfeld is an experimental poet who takes his work to the streets via spontaneous readings on sidewalks and subway platformsin the NY/NJ area. Mark also self-publishes his broadsides & zeens through Marymark Press.


  1. Is Mark on Facebook/Twitter etc or does he have a contact email ?? I'd like to get in touch

  2. I've been corresponding with Mark for almost 20 years now, and his creativity and single-minded determination never cease to inspire me. I once boarded a train in New York City where there were only two free seats for me and my wife, and Mark was next to the one my wife sat in, so I got to talk to him. The full story is here:
    I don't think he has any social media accounts or email. He once had a website, but it's been gone for a long time.