Friday, January 31, 2014

Tulio Restrepo, Medellin, COLUMBIA

A recycled postcard from Tulio and the big M . . .
check out his website: ZonaPostal Mail Art

David Stanley Aponte, Indianapolis,Indiana, USA

 Sub # 6874
Thanks David . . see more from David at his blogsite: David Stanley Aponte

Piet Franzen, Leiden, The NETHERLANDS


Miranda Vissers, Eindhoven, The NETHERLANDS

 Check out Miranda's mail art call for postcards (World Travel Guide)

Miranda Vissers — Verzamelingen Jo Goudkuillaan 2, 5626 GC Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Gina Jamieson, St. John's Newfoundland, CANADA

A signature drawing of Spirit Dancers from Gina . . 

Lancillotto Bellini, Verona, ITALY

 Thanks to my friend Lancillotto for this mailing 
 . . see  more of his work at: Recycling Art